Do I need a referral to be evaluated for varicose veins?

No, you may call the office at 231-739-1932/231-739-9461 or toll free at 1-888-874-5892 to make an appointment for your evaluation. Some insurance require a referral from your primary care physician.

Will I have to have any testing?

You may need a duplex (ultrasound) to determine if the valves in your veins are functioning properly prior to determining the treatment plan. Radiofrequency procedures require additional testing after each procedure.

Does my insurance pay for treatments?

It depends on the type of treatments the surgeon recommends and the type of insurance you have. On the first visit or after testing, the surgeon will develop a treatment plan. Usually if you have symptoms and/or the valves in the veins are incompetent, your insurance will cover the procedures. In most cases we contact your insurance company for a pre-determination to verify coverage and receive an estimate of any charges you may incur. A pre-determination may take up to four weeks. If you do not hear from us; call the office to speak to a patient coordinator. You can also call your insurance company for information.

How do I obtain coverage information from my insurance company?

Call the Member Services number located on your insurance card. 2. Ask the representative what the benefits are for procedures performed in a specialist office (we can give you the procedure codes). 3. Ask if there are any waiting periods or exclusions on your policy for varicose veins. 4. Ask if the policy requires a referral from your primary care prior to coming into our office.

Will my insurance pay for support/compression hose?

We recommend going to one of the compression stocking suppliers listed on the last page of this brochure. They will give you an estimate and inform you of insurance coverage. Radiofrequency treatments require pantyhose style compression stockings.

Will I need more than one procedure?

Multiple treatments may be needed depending on the severity of your disease, the amount of local anesthetic that can be given safely, and the ability to maintain sterility of equipment.

Will I need anesthesia?

We do not use general or conscious sedation in our office. A mild oral sedative may be used for certain procedures. We will administer a local anesthetic in the office.
Will I be able to drive after my procedures? For sclerotherapy/injections and dermal laser, you may drive to and from the office. All other procedures require you to be driven to and from the office.

How soon after treatment will my symptoms improve?

Most patients report a noticeable improvement of their symptoms within one to two weeks following the procedure. You will have a return visit in 6-8 weeks after your procedure to evaluate effectiveness. Additional treatments will be scheduled at that time if necessary.
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