"I can finally see my knees after twenty years!  I can wear shorts to the gym and not be embarrassed.  I feel so much more confident! Funny how we can alter our lives and lifestyles by "fixing" physical blemishes.  I would recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to hear me talk about it!"

 - Victoria, West Michigan Lakeshore

"Since my vein procedure, I am able to wear regular boots and not the wide calf grandma stuff!  And, Capri pants fit the same on both legs!  Thank you!"

 - Sarah, West Michigan Lakeshore

"After my treatment, my throbbing leg pain in both legs disappeared right away.  When I lay down at the end of the day, I no longer have the intense pain I once had.  I feel the way a young mother of four should feel.  I wanted you to know what a difference it has made in my every day life.  Your staff is such a pleasure to be around and made for a great experience!"

 - Karen, West Michigan Lakeshore